Maintaining Your Certification

To continue to use your certification credentials, each certified individual must submit proof of attendance at educational sessions and training programs to the ALM International Office.  Proof of attendance is provided by submitting either a certificate of attendance, copy of a roster, or authorization form. Recertification is required every three (3) years and is completed by submitting a total of 45 contact hours during that period.  If mailing, we encourage you to send copies of your proof of attendance and not your sole original copy. Copies may also be faxed to ALM offices to the attention of the Director of Academic Affairs at 1-859-454-4454

What counts toward contact hours?

Most educational sessions and training programs can count toward the 45 contact hours required to maintain your certification. This would include educational updates, training sessions, and even new product/procedure training programs provided by ALM associate members or ALM member facilities. Other programs typically covered would include those relevant to the role/responsibility of a laundry manager or director. If unsure, contact the ALM Director of Academic Affairs. Items that may not count toward your contact hours include committee meetings, staff meetings, or repeat offerings of the same session.Proof of attendance should include (a) the participant’s name, (b) the name of the educational program, (c) the date of the program offering, (d) the length of the program preferably in hours or hour segments and (e) an authorized signature, usually of the company/group providing the program or the speaker/instructor for the program.

I think my certification has lapsed

Certified individuals will receive an identification card every three years. This card contains basic information including the individuals name as it appears in ALM files, all the certifications the individual currently holds, and the next deadline date for ALM’s receipt of your 45 contact hours. If you should misplace your card, check the certification listings below to verify your recertification date. If you name doesn’t appear on the applicable list, please contact the ALM Director of Academic Affairs providing your name, certification(s), ALM member number (if applicable) and the name of your current employer.

Contact Hour Tracking

ALM will track contact hours for both members and non-members. Non-members will need to submit a payment of $75 per individual at the beginning of each certification period. For ALM members, this service is provided at no charge for the duration of your membership.

Click here for additional information about contact hours.

Contact Hour Tracking Sheet - download here

Verify Certification Status
Employers, potential employers and individuals can verify the current status for CLLM’s, RLLD’s, and RESD’s by selecting the appropriate link below.There you will find, in alphabetical order, the individuals who have maintained their contact hours. This list is updated at the end of each month to reflect the contact hours submitted to ALM offices. We encourage individuals to visit this location often to verify that their submitted contact hours have been received. If hours you have submitted don’t appear, contact the Director of Academic Affairs to verify the specific session. Note that recipients of honorary credentials are not included in these listings. If a particular name doesn't appear here and you believe they hold an ALM certification, it may be that they have not submitted the required contact hours to maintain their certification. Individuals may contact the ALM Director of Academic Affairs to verify their certification status.

Available Forms

Contact hour tracking sheet
It is strongly suggested that certificant’s submit a certificate of attendance or a copy of a roster provided by attending an educational session, but a contact hour tracking sheet is available for those who often attend sessions where neither a roster or certificate are made available. Note that use of the tracking sheet requires the signature of the instructor or speaker and not simply the certificant’s signing the speakers name to the sheet.
Rosters can be printed out for use by ALM member facilities or ALM associate members. Since this is a member benefit it requires the utilization of a ALM membership number and password.

Certificates can be printed out for use by ALM member facilities or ALM associate members. Since this is a member benefit it requires the utilization of an ALM membership number and password.

Current Certified Individuals   
certificants who hold a ALM certification are listed below. For ease in viewing, the list is in alphabetical order divided into smaller groups listing the certificants by last name.  Select from:
     A - D members or non-members who have paid the recertification recording fee
     E - H members or non-members who have paid the recertification recording fee
     I  - M members or non-members who have paid the recertification recording fee
     N - Z members or non-members who have paid the recertification recording fee

If you have earned a certification and your name does not appear on the appropriate list above it is most likely that your ALM membership has lapsed or your certification period has passed without submission of 45 hours of continuing education.  For details and how to update a certification/membership that has lapsed contact ALM Director of Academic Affairs by email or calling 1-800-645-8787


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